Using the Design Cycle to teach robotics through cooperative learning


sp design cycle.jpg



5 Mins Presentation
25 Mins PPT&Video presentations
10 Mins Lego Mindstorms quick introduction
10 Mins WORKING in group teams programming a robot (laptop)
10 Mins Robot practice (if there is available time)


If you are interested in seeing a glance of how to program a Lego NXT Robot, please, while I am talking, go to this website and download the NXT Mindstorms freeware:

Lego NXT Mindstorms

However, this is not the last version of this software, that you can find in: Lego EV3

And one step more...if you are interested, in Lego Digital Designer

We also use MSW Logo: MSW Logo


PPT of the talk

Example of NXT Program, made by one of my students

PDF guide of Robot building


Pedro Pozo and James Reilly, teachers of Technology at bilingual school San Francisco de Paula in Sevilla, Spain, would like to share with you their experiences with teaching robotics through fun.
It would be a practical session where you can see a glance of how to program a Lego NXT robot.
The idea behind this project is to increase the motivation of our students by combining three different T&L strategies in the same project:
1) Using the Design Cycle as a methodological framework
2) "Approaches to Learning" strategies based on cooperative learning to channel the project: elder students, with previous experience in programming acting as mentors.
3) Participation in an external international school competition,First Lego League, as a motivation tool.


- Gaining deep knowledge of the stages of the Design Cycle.
- Know more strategies of cooperative learning (students-teaching-students)
- Analysis of the influence of external competitions in the motivation of our students
- Learn how to program a robot using NXT software (laptops needed for this)
- Working together in a group
- Experience the idea of "learning through fun"